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Direct Links to DApps
updated July 24, 2019 -- next DApp in about two months...

Completely Decentralized Encrypted Peer-to-Peer Messaging Using Ethereum

Front-end (user interface) for Christian Lundkvist's Simple MultiSig Wallet

Pirate Lottery -- Completely Decentralized, Autonomous Ethereum Lottery

MAD Stores Ropsten pre-release: Completely Decentralized Anonymous Marketplace

updated September 12, 2019 -- more coming in the next few days...

Turms MAD Stores Whitepaper V0.90

This is a draft of the whitepaper for MAD Stores. It explains the basic functions, and poses questions for further development.

Announcing Turms MAD Stores: A Completely
Decentralized, Anonymous Marketplace
Using Ethereum Smart Contracts

MAD Stores is an online marketplace like ebay or Amazon, but there's no central authority managing, supervising or controlling it.

How Insane Is Turms MAD Stores!
-- Ananya Agarwal

As you might expect, the ability to sell items anonymously leads some people to create stores that are much more "interesting." For example, you can find these provocative vendors among the stores...

Turms Anonymous Message Transport
-- Step by Step -- Ananya Agarwal

A hand-holding guide to registering with Turms AMT and sending your first message

Perfect Forward Secrecy in Turms Anonymous Message Transport

Encrypted messaging on a public, un-encrypted blockchain is a challenge. So in this article I’m going to explain how we did it in Turms AMT.

Introducing Turms Anonymous Message Transport

Turms AMT is a peer-to-peer messaging system based on the Ethereum blockchain. Here's a quick introduction.

Turms AMT Whitepaper (or maybe yellow)

Lots of detail about the design and inner workings of Turms Anonymous Message Transport.


I update this document peridically with answers to questions that are asked frequently (or if they're good questions, then even if they're only asked once).

Turms Anonymous Message Transport -- Now Using Swarm

Now in the options panel you can choose to store your messages on the Ethereum blockchain, or on Swarm

Four Applications of Turms Anonymous Message Transport

Some ideas to spark your imagination regarding new applications that can be built on top of Turms AMT

Bulk mailer for Turms Anonymous Message Transport

Bulk mailer for Turms AMT is a utility to conveniently send Turms messages to a list of Ethereum addresses.

Decentralization, the Heart of Crypto

What does it mean for a DApp to be decentralized; and why it's so important...

Pirate Lottery -- Product Brief

A brief introduction to the Pirate Lottery, including an explanation of the random winner selection technique.

Simple MultiSig -- Step by Step

A Hand-holding guide to the Simple MultiSig Wallet, with plenty of screenshots.

Token Transfers with the Simple MultiSig Wallet

In this article I show how to use the front-end that I wrote for Christain Lundkvist's Simple MultiSig Wallet to transfer ERC-20 tokens.


My GPG public key -- fingerprint: A7D1 56E5 2345 4C76 6F35 946C DF68 1F07 00D9 2017

Turms AMT user interface (DApp tarball) to run locally

GPG signature for Turms AMT DApp tarball

My Turms AMT / Ethereum address - IMontoya.eth

Solidified audit report for Turms AMT

Link to Turms AMT using alternate (cloudflare) IPFS gateway